SABIC Initiative for 2030 Vision - NUSANED
Year: 2020 
Production house: Al Nijoom Saudi Arabia 
Director/DP: Slobodan Milivojevic Bobansky 
Shot on Arri Alexa mini

NUSANED™ brings together the public and private sectors helping small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) get started and more established ones to grow further. By supporting local business and procurement initiatives, SABIC empowers SMEs and helps reduce unemployment by building local capabilities and boosting national GDP. 

SABIC's Initiative to Empower Vision 2030 "Nusaned" The Nusaned program brings together different entities from the public and private sectors, and helps small and medium-sized companies to start their businesses, as well as allowing existing companies to develop and develop their businesses. By supporting local businesses and projects and local procurement initiatives, it empowers small and medium-sized businesses and helps reduce unemployment, while building local capacity and boosting GDP.
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