Slobodan Milivojevic "Bobansky" is an accomplished director and director of photography with a wealth of experience in diverse film formats and genres. From captivating animations to compelling commercial/corporate projects and live events, he has honed his craft over a career spanning nearly 20 years.
Beginning his journey in 1995 as an editor and motion graphics artist in Yugoslavia, Slobodan immersed himself in the vibrant advertising and TV production industry. In 2003, he co-founded 'Total ADV,' a boutique production studio based in Serbia. The studio's success led to a talented team of six animators, editors, and motion graphic designers, serving clients worldwide.
Driven by a thirst for new challenges, Slobodan made a pivotal move to Bahrain in 2009, joining 'Talking Pictures Productions.' There, he played a vial role in studio setup, workflow, recruitment, and the direction, cinematography, and editing of various projects for regional and international clients.
In 2014, Slobodan embarked on a freelance career in the Middle East region, collaborating with numerous regional clients and agencies. His commitment to excellence is evident in the high-quality work he consistently produces. By embracing the latest production styles, employing top-notch equipment, and employing modern creative techniques, Slobodan delivers polished and professional results that exemplify top-level filmmaking.
With his extensive industry experience and comprehensive knowledge, Slobodan offers a holistic and client-friendly solution. From concept to completion, he manages projects encompassing production, shooting, directing, and editing. His production approach is tailored to the unique needs of each agency or individual client, while also considering factors like budget constraints and specific requirements.
Slobodan operates his own boutique production studio in Bahrain called bMedia ( while regularly freelancing as a director, DP, and editor on various projects. Although based in Bahrain and the UAE, he extends his services throughout the GCC, Saudi Arabia, and Europe, ensuring his expertise is accessible to clients across different regions.
Discover the unparalleled creativity and professionalism that Slobodan Milivojevic brings to the world of film production. Contact him today to discuss your vision and bring your project to life.
Contact and bookings:
+973 3777 52 88
+971 58 534 0170
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