Slobodan Milivojevic "Bobansky" is a director and director of photography based in the middle east region with a vast experience working across a variety of film formats and genres - anything from animations, to commercial/corporate, to live events and more. 
A career spanning almost 20 years in the industry.
Starting out in 1995 as an editor and motion graphics artist in Yugoslavia. Slobodan began learning his trade in the thriving advertising and TV production industry.
8 years later - in 2003, he partnered with a colleague to launch ‘Total ADV’ a boutique production studio, based in Serbia. The studio’s success led to expansion resulting in a team of 6 animators, editors and motion graphic designers; working for clients worldwide.
In 2009, hungry to take on new challenges, Slobodan moved to Bahrain where he took on an integral role at ‘Talking Pictures Productions’. Taking charge of the studio setup, recruitment, direction, cinematography and editing of various projects for both regional and international clients.
2014 marks another milestone in Slobodan's career, where he started his freelance career in MIddle East region working with many regional clients and agencies.
The high quality work he produces is the result of a constant strive to raise the bar. By using the latest production styles, the best equipment and modern creative techniques. He consistently creates products that are polished and professional examples of top level filmmaking.
Slobodan's experience and huge range of knowledge within the industry enables him to offer a complete, client-friendly solution. Managing a project from its concept to its completion - production, shooting, directing and editing.
He offers a production that is tailored to the needs of the Agency or the individual client, whilst considering their requirements, budget restrictions etc. 
Slobodan is running his own small boutique production studio in Bahrain called  bMEdia (, but also regularly freelance as a director, DP and editor on various projects. 
While based in Bahrain and UAE, he does jobs all over GCC, Saudi Arabia and Europe.

Contact and bookings:
+973 3777 52 88
+971 58 534 0170

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