Rabdan Academy Abu Dhabi

The Academy is a world class, professional education institution. Our mission is to train and educate safety, security, defense and emergency preparedness professionals across all sectors to meet the challenges and threats faced worldwide by nations and communities today and in the future. We provide integration and co-ordination across the training of the defense and security communities. The main objective of Academy is to act as a principal source of future leaders, a unique national center for leaders qualification & development in the fields of safety, security, defense, emergency case preparedness and crises management, based on scientific approaches to achieve a unified, integrated and effective response in dealing with all kinds of anticipated threats, risks, incidents and crises in high efficiency, to follow up promotion of sustainable education principles, and to enhance concerned departments capabilities.

Year 2013
Agency: O2 Dubai
Creative Director: Mohammed Johmani
Production house: Talking Pictures Bahrain
Producer: Jude D'Souza
Director/Editor/Colorist: Slobodan Milivojevic Bobansky
DP: Aleksandar Pavlovic
Camera Assitant/ DIT: Abel Amandy
Graphics: Oljeg Despotovic, Farooq Shaikh
Audio: Alan Fullarton
Grip/Lights: Borislav Romcevic, Arif Feroze
Crane: Actionfilmz Dubai
Camera 2 unit(interviews): Unni CB, Tomislav Lebaric
Camera 1st unit: Red Scarlet
Interviews camera: Canon 5d Mark II
Editing on: Adobe Premiere
Grading: Davinci Resolve
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