Showreel of my projects from 20013/14
Featured projects:
QAUTO - Director, Editor, VFX
RABDAN ACADEMY - Director, Editor, Colorist
BAHRAIN POST - Director, DP, Editor, Colorist, VFX
BAHRAIN eGov - Director, Editor, Colorist, VFX
GOYS BAHRAIN NATIONAL DAY - Director, DP, Editor, Colorist
TRUST RE - Director, Editor, Colorist
VIVA 42.2 - Director
QNTA - DP, Editor, Colorist
GULF CUP BAHRAIN - Director, Editor, Colorist, Postproduction producer
VODAFONE QATAR - Director, Editor, Postproduction producer
MENA TELECOM BAHRAIN - Director, Motion graphics
DMS - Director, Editor, VFX, Postproduction producer
ITHMAAR BANK BAHRAIN - Director, Editor, Colorist, VFX
C2C - Director, DP, Editor, Colorist, VFX

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