Bahrain International Airport Slow Motion videos "Bahrain Moments 2023"

Get ready for a visual treat! 🎥✨ 
Check out our series of five action-packed videos, all captured in breathtaking slow motion at 2000 fps. These videos are featured on the Central LED screen at Bahrain International Airport's Departures terminal and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary spectacles. 🛫🌍 
1️⃣ Witness the precision and power of a golfer's swing, each detail magnified in stunning clarity. 🏌️‍♂️⛳ 
2️⃣ Feel the thundering rush of horse racing, with every gallop and dust cloud brought to life. 🏇💨 
3️⃣ Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fueled world of car drifting, the tires' smoke trails frozen in time. 🏎️💨 
4️⃣ Experience the dynamic energy of football, with every kick, goal, and cheer in vivid detail. ⚽🥅 
5️⃣ Dive into the thrill of jet skiing, the splash of water droplets suspended mid-air. 🌊🚤 

These videos will transport you into the heart of the action, celebrating the spirit of sports and adventure that Bahrain embodies. Enjoy your trip and let these videos be your unforgettable send-off or welcome! 🎉🇧🇭 
Director: Slobodan Milivojevic Bobansky 
DP: Vedran Rapo 
Slow Motion camera technician: Mario Pulek 
Producer: Vivian Pinto 
2nd Unit DP: Jaafar Halwachi 
Line Producer: Yousif Al Sahhaf 
Production Assistant: Nadeen Yateem 
Production Runner: Anas 
Gaffer / Camera Assistant: Arif Firoze 
Best Boy Gaffer: Michael Worku 
Spark: Joshua Paul 
2nd Unit Gaffer: Shaukat Hassan 
Camera Assistant: Vishnu Pillai 
Focus Puller: Austin Bhatti 
Dolly and Grip: Elements 
Casting: bMedia and Stars Casting 
Editor: Aref Falamarzi 
Online Edit: Slobodan Milivojevic 
VFX: Touseef Ahmed 
Color Grades: Prateek Mahesh 
Sound design / Sound and Final mix: Vishnu Pillai 

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