Bahrain Moments for Bahrain International Airport LED screen
I am proud to present "Bahrain Moments", 
a set of videos shot in super slow motion for LED screens located in the central zone of the new Bahrain International Airport. 
These amazing videos, done in cooperation with Bahrain Airport Company marketing team, take us on a journey through Bahrain and shows us beautiful moments of Bahrain heritage....from the narrow alleys of the Traditional village, through the desert, sea, air, spice souq and coffee shop, straight to the only remaining Bahraini ship builder.... Enjoy this wonderful journey through these moments, captured at 2000 frames per second.... 

*SOUND TIP: For the best sound experience listen with the headphones or on the speakers! 
Year: 2020 
Client: Bahrain Airport Company 
Video production house: bMedia Bahrain 
Producer: Vivian Pinto 
Creative director/Concepts: Slobodan Milivojevic Bobansky 
Director/DP: Vedran Rapo 
Camera op: Jaafar Halwachi 
Weisscam tech: Mario Pulek 
Camera assistant/Sound and SFX: Vishnu Pillai 
Gaffer/Grip: Arif Feroze 
Grip assistant: Shahid Tahir 
Line producer: Shireen Abdulla 
Art director: Swechha Sharma 
Models/Locations: Imtiaz Balooshi 
Make up: Valentina Fernandez 
Edit/Grade/Motion graphics: Karel Schmidt 
Compositing/roto: Touseef Ahmed

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