Ajwaa Program Launch Corporate Video
Year: 2017
Client: Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications Bahrain
Production house: bMedia Bahrain www.bmedia.me
Producer/Director: Slobodan Milivojevic Bobansky
Assistant Director/Editor/Motion Graphics: Bassem Tariq
DP: Abel Amandy
1st AC/Grip: Arif Feroze, Paul Gomes
Compositing: Touseef Ahmed
The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications in conjunction with partners Serco IAL
Limited and Tamkeen Bahrain are proudly announcing a new program to train Bahraini
Nationals in the exciting field of Air Traffic Services.
This new venture will provide career opportunities for young Bahrainis to work and develop
themselves in this highly specialized and demanding career.
Air Traffic Services personnel help guide the world’s aircraft safely and expeditiously through
Bahrain controlled airspace. A career in Air Traffic Services puts employees on the front line,
keeping aircraft moving safely and efficiently. There are two main professions in the field of Air
Traffic Services – Air Traffic Controller and Air Traffic Control Safety Engineers – each with their
own specializations and a key role in one of the regions safest air navigation services.
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