Bahrain Airport Company CDC

Year: 2018
Client: BAC
Production: bMedia Bahrain
Producer/Director: Slobodan Milivojevic Bobansky
DP: Vedran Rapo
1st AC: Arif Feroze
Edit/VFX/Motion graphics/SFX: Karel Schmidt
"The containerized datacenter (CDC) technology was selected as the ideal solution for the Bahrain International Airport (BIA) due to the flexibility it provides for future growth and its all-in-one nature allows a high level of mobility. These benefits of the CDC will become apparent with the completion of the Airport Modernization Programme where Bahrain Airport Company will take full advantage of this flexibility in growth and mobility to convert the CDC to a secondary datacenter for the BIA. BAC will be one of the first companies to implement a Containerized Datacenter in Bahrain".
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